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Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment benefits provide temporary support should someone lose their job through no fault of their own. To obtain unemployment compensation, there are requirements that must be met. At Scipione & Kovalcin, we can prepare you for the challenges you may face when trying to collect unemployment. Employers may try and prevent their former employees from receiving benefits. The reason usually boils down to one premise: money. The more claims an employer has against them, the more they have to pay into the unemployment fund. This is why employers try to minimize the amount of former employees receiving benefits.

Requirements for Unemployment Compensation

  1. loss of job through no fault of your own;
  2. filed an application for unemployment;
  3. employer elected or was required to pay into the unemployment fund;
  4. you have worked long enough to obtain sufficient credit weeks;
  5. you are available to work;
  6. you are registered to work with the Pennsylvania Career Link; and
  7. the one-week waiting period after filing for unemployment has been met.